What is the ESA Ministerial Commitment
and Why is it So Harmful?


Background: The original Eastern and Southern African (ESA) “Commitment” on comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) and “sexual and reproductive health” (SRH) was a five-year political commitment signed by a group of twenty African health and education ministers in 2013. These ministers committed their countries to implement CSE so that it reached 75% of their children and to expand sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services for adolescents. For many years, UN agencies and their allied organizations used this ESA Commitment to pressure African states and manipulate them into advancing their controversial CSE programs and SRH agenda for adolescents. (See videos below that expose the agendas behind CSE and SRH.)


The African ministers who signed the original Commitment, which has now expired, did so based on false claims regarding the nature, effectiveness and content of CSE programs. It is highly unlikely that the African ministers who signed the original agreement were ever shown the highly controversial CSE curricula being promoted by the CSE Commitment sponsors. If they had actually seen the CSE curricula recommended by UN agencies and donor countries in 2013, they likely would have strongly opposed the ESA Commitment instead of signing it.


Unfortunately, UN agencies and donor countries are now pushing for a new ESA Ministerial Commitment on “sexuality education,” and Ministers from the same 21 countries have been invited to come to Durban, South Africa to renew their Commitment by signing a new 10-year agreement on December 6, 2021.



Deceptive CSE & SRH Agendas Behind the ESA Commitment


The main components of the ESA Commitment are “sexuality education” (also known as “comprehensive sexuality education or CSE) and “sexual and reproductive health and rights (also known as SRH or SRHR) for adolescents. The following videos expose the controversial and harmful agendas behind these terms.

Watch to learn about CSE Agenda

Watch full length 30 minute documentary here.

Watch to learn about SRH Agenda

Watch to learn about the SRHR Agenda